I’ve been wanting to write a blog post pertaining to this issue for a while now, but I don’t want people to see this as a “pity me” piece or even a “woe is me” post. It is what it is, everyone needs to STOP JUDGING OVERWEIGHT PEOPLE. And I don’t just mean the judgements you pass between friends or behind our backs. Those are awful, just the same. But what I’ve been experiencing A LOT lately, even with close friends and family, are the snide, ignorant comments that go along with pre-conceived assumptions or sterotypes. You might think you’re saying something in jest or say that we need to be less sensitive and get over it. Why should you have to think before you speak? BECAUSE YOU DO. Everyone does. Saying “if you can catch me” to someone like me isn’t the same funny joke as it is to an average-sized person. Don’t be an ass and say something like that shouldn’t hurt my feelings because you’re NOT me, and you do not get to make that judgement. Who are you to say what should or should not offend me? If you look at me like I’m lying through my teeth when I say I’m a picky eater because obviously I must eat everything because I’m not a size two, yeah I’m going to be offended!

Assuming things about ANYONE just makes an ASS out of you. PCOS, Diabeties, Thyroid issues, metabolic disorders, etc. …they ALL affect a person’s ability or non-ability to lose weight, so before you make an ass out of yourself, THINK before you speak. Even if people are overweight due to overeating and inactivity, that does not mean they deserve ridicule and judgement. You probably have SO many things people could judge you for, so just be nice because karma’s a bitch and it will bite you in the ass. The biggest judgement comes in the end, and which side would you want to be on? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Be nice.



Contrary to popular belief, I am not in high school anymore. In the past few days, well really ever since I moved to this small town, I’ve been mistaken for a high schooler more times than I would care to admit. I think the extra weight makes me look younger, so people naturally clump me in the 16-18 age group and assume I’m one of those hipster teenie-boppers strolling down Mainstreet. False. I am a bona-fide woman with an education, fools! I was buying a case of beer the other night and received some pretty confusing stares the entire time. I’m investing in a shirt that says, “I’m over 21, promise.” While I’m on the topic of investing in shirts, I think I’ll find one that says, “creepers step off” or “if you aint got teeth, I aint got time.” Gah. I love this town, but sometimes I miss the big city.

Also, and I know this has nothing to do with fitness, bullying or PCOS, but why do people in small towns INSIST on displaying ceramic animals of every nature in their front yards?!? I do not understand this trend and quite frankly, it freaks me out a little. I’ve seen fake turtles, deer, bunnies, ducks, and even dogs…I mean, come on. You live on a farm/in the country…why do we need to display fake, creepy looking animals in the yard when the real things are all around us? Mini-rant over.

In regards to my fitness goals and whatnot, I’m still very much on track. I’ve strayed a little recently with the nutrition….trying to find some solid motivation and strength in that department. Maybe someone has advice in that area? I have all the motivation in the world to work out and have been on this two-a-days kick recently since I’m going to the beach in less than two weeks. There have been too many Birthdays in April/May, so really, people just need to stop having birthdays and tempting me with yummy treats. Geez everyone, do you really need to be a year older??

It’s graduation time in this small town, and a lot of really important people in my life will be leaving me soon. My tactic with goodbyes has always been to act like it’s not goodbye, even if I know it’s forever. My sister Maggie said, “Goodbyes are only sad if you know you will not say hello again.” So, if I convince myself that there will always be a hello, I will never have to be sad, right?? 🙂 Well, I have to finish up working at the gym, so I’ll catch you all later!