Alex Buys A Bathing Suit Edition

Hello again.

It’s been a month since my 3-Month Transformation post, so I guess I’m due for an update. Last week my family and I went to Gulf Shores, Alabama for 5 days. We usually take a yearly trip to the Gulf, and I always look forward to it, but this year was different from the last 12 years… I bought a bathing suit. Most of you probably cannot fathom or understand why buying a bathing suit is a big deal, but I haven’t worn one since I was 12 years old, so I am pretty proud of myself. I by no means have a bathing suit body that is desirable, haha, but this is a sign that I am becoming more and more comfortable in my own skin. Another milestone, and my mom can attest to this, is that I started wearing sleeveless shirts while on vacation, too. I actually came home with a tan…weird. I have such a long road ahead of me in reaching my goals, but it’s these little milestones that are so exciting. Most of my friends can walk around in a bathing suit or tank top without fear or skepticism, and I’ve always envied them and admired their confidence. Hopefully one day soon, that will be me. 🙂 Until then, it’s pool time! Enjoy summer.



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